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Summerville Wills and Probate Administration

For over 25 years, the Summerville Law Firm of DeVane & Mack has successfully provided South Carolina residents with a wide variety of services related to personal estate planning and probate management. Administering an individual's estate is a significant responsibility and requires an investment of time, energy and understanding of estate administration. From simple wills to complex probate administration, DeVane and Mack is proud to offer our client's confidant and effective representation in this multifaceted area of law.

Our Summerville attorneys and legal professionals represent a wide range of disciplines to bring multiple perspectives to your situation. In addition to Estate Administration, our practice areas include Summerville Family Law, Summerville Criminal Law, Landlord/Tenant Law, and Summerville Personal Injury Law.

An estate is the total property owned by a deceased individual. Among other things, administration of a decedent's estate involves probating the estate, inventorying and appraising the decedent's assets, calculating and paying estate taxes, and distributing remaining assets. The deceased's Personal Representative is required to file yearly accountings, identifying all property received and distributed. These accountings are carefully audited by the County Probate Court and its staff. As your probate and estate administration attorney, we settle the affairs of the deceased whether a will is in place or one does not exist. Our clients receive our assistance:

  • Determine the value of assets
  • Filing notices to creditors
  • Identifying estate liabilities
  • Advising on the priority of payment
  • Transferring title to beneficiaries
  • Make certain that taxes and estate expenses are minimized
  • Ensure compliance with estate administration laws
  • Simple wills
  • Living wills
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Financial power of attorney
  • Wills for the benefit of minor children
  • Wills with provisions for the custody and care of minor children
  • Preparing and filing of the Will and other required documents
  • Assessing the decedents' assets
  • Identifying liabilities
  • Determination of potential creditors
  • Reconciliation of all personal representative transactions
  • Distribution of the assets